Meet Pastor Sabrina McKenzie

300592_10150300903346850_575036849_8552485_2028542691_nAfter creating one of the most celebrated liturgical dance ministries now enjoying international acclaim, Sabrina McKenzie aka the Dancing Preacher, a forerunner in the art and ministry of spiritual dance is ready to take her unique brand of ministry to the next level, by establishing a church focused on the arts. She is also the proud mother of three beautiful children, Anandi, Khidhar and Imani Mckenzie and the momager of her daughter that models Anandi!

On March 10, 2011 McKenzie was ordained and installed as a pastor to  oversee The Epic World Center,  a non-denominational and non-traditional church she established.  In 2012 Pastor McKenzie served as the Ecumenical Advisor for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference an organization founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, She is a renowned author of three books and a chaplain of the common good. Pastor McKenzie was on the Style Network Reality Television Show “Big Rich Atlanta.”

Her International Dance Commission (IDC) organization has grown from 40 members to over 2,000 members worldwide. She completed the Chaplains program at Emory Hospital in Decatur, and has completed the Master Of Divinity program with a concentration in Pastoral Care at International Theological Center in Atlanta, May 2011.  McKenzie says tragic life experiences such as losing siblings to AIDs and domestic violence, allowed her to heal through the art of dance. However, it also led her to her new role as a pastor of the Epic World Center, where sermons will be expressed through drama, dance and song, as well as ministering the word of God.

On a Mission

  • Founder and CEO of the International Dance Commission (IDC), where she oversees hundreds of dance ministries and has established over 40 Chapters world wide.
  • Founder and Director of the Dancing Preachers International Annual Dance Conference, bringing together the Nations through worship.
  • Founder and Director of Sabrina McKenzie Ministries SMM Worship Center, that offers an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and a certificate in Liturgical Dance Studies.
  • Creative Director for the professional dance company “Dance Nia”, a school providing dance classes to inner city youth. The first liturgical dance minister to receive a major endorsement deal, for a garment line and to design a dance sneaker called “idance.” A renowned author of three books, “Dance with a Purpose,”  ”Saul’s Armor Doesn’t Fit,” and coming soon her new release, “Bankhead to Buckhead”  Her desire is to unify arts ministries to bring all the gifts of the body together to glorify God.

Operating & Growing in Excellence

CEOAs a professional dancer, Sabrina’s choreography repertoire includes the Gospel Heritage Conference, Dottie Peoples Live Video, BET Gospel Dream, NBA All-Star Weekend and the Evander Holyfield Heavyweight Championship. Additionally, she was featured as a solo rap artist on Bishop Eddie L. Long’s CD release entitled Those Who Are Not Prepared Will Not Survive,  “You Don’t Know You Need Him”

Masters Degree in Divinity (M.Div) 2011 at the Interdenominational Theological Center, Sabrina was an student, since 2009 and she received  an award for Outstanding Acheiver’s. She served the Richardson Fellowship as the Vice President, Junior Class by overseeing the political action committee. She is a graduate of  Greater Atlanta Small Businesses, Business Now &  Morris Brown College  with a degree in Political Science.

A True Servant Leader

April, 2010 Sabrina has faithfully served the Georgia State House of Representatives as the Coordinator of Faith & Clergy Day.

Today, The Newest Host on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN.) She is currently traveling the country promoting her New Book from “Bankhead to Buckhead” turning your life around in 1 year.